-15Vdc Medical Chassis Mount Power Supplies

Chassis Mounted Medical Power supplies intended for applications demanding extremely high performance – reliability and electrical safety.

Wide Input Voltage Range

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Low Leakage Current

Low No Load Power Consumption

Meet Medical Standard EN60601-1 / UL60601-1 Class I

Applications: Electro Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy & Status Therapy

Select main output voltage

10W Dual O/P Chassis Mount Encapsulated PSU

Part Number HASM10-D150K | Input 90 - 264Vac| Output 15V @ 0.34A, -15V @ 0.34A
Data Sheet HASM10

10W Triple O/P Chassis Mount Encapsulated PSU

Part Number HASM10-T050KK | Input 90 - 264Vac| Output 5V @ 1.4A, 15V @ 0.1A, -15V @ 0.1A
Data Sheet HASM10

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