5Vdc Din Rail Power Supplies 35W - 500Watts

Horizontal or Vertical Mounting Single Output Industrial Grade Din Rail Power Supplies with Wide Operating Temperature range.

Built to meet UL508.

Ideal for Machine and Control Panel manufacturers

Accept Worldwide AC Input Voltages

Power Ratings from 35W to 500W

Output Voltage range from 5V to 110Vdc


Many models incorporate a Digital Display

Select main output voltage

35W PSU with Operating Temperature -10 to +70⁰C & MTBF >380Khours

Part Number HID35-S050060 | Input Single Phase 90 - 264Vac| Output 5V @ 6A
Data Sheet HID35

40 - 50W High Efficiency 80 Plus Green Power Din Rail Power Supply with Voltage Display

Part Number LP1040D-05S | Input 90 - 264Vac| Output 5V @ 8A
Data Sheet LP1050D-12SDA

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