21Vdc External Medical Grade Power Supply Range 10W - 250Watts

High Efficiency External Medical Grade Power Supplies, accepting Universal AC Source & Exhibiting Low Leakage Current.

Intended for applications demanding extremely high performance, reliability & electrical safety.

Meet IEC60601-1 Class 1 & ITE IEC60950 Class 1 also meet IEC60601-1 Class II & ITE IEC60950 Class II - Model dependant.

Output Voltage range 3.3V - 58Vdc

Applications: Medical & Dental appliances, Medical & Dental equipment, Medical & Dental systems, Ultrasonic Biometer, Medical LCD Displays & ECG Machines.

Energy Efficiency level V & level VI


24W Medically Approved Single Output Power Supply with C14 Input Connector

Part Number HES22-210115 | Input 90 - 264Vac| Output 21V @ 1.15A
Data Sheet HES22

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